The European Parliament adopts a weak ETS

Today’s vote in Strasbourg about the reform of the EU ETS for the period 2020-2030 is highly disappointing.
Once more, MEPs did not show enough courage to oppose the strong lobbying of European bosses, notably the cement industry which will continue receiving massive free allowances despite the very limited risk of carbon leakage in this sector.
The linear reduction factor has not been satisfactorily increased.
Overall, the EU ETS is an instrument that has been constantly failing for 10 years and will continue so.
As long as coal and other industries will not pay their pollution, the EU will not manage to achieve a credible decarbonisation path in line with the COP 21 agreement.
The result of the vote of December 2016 in ENVI committee was already not ideal but at least made a step in the right direction (see
The plenary has now totally undermined all efforts to move towards a more effective instrument.

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