European Court of Auditors’ Landscape Review on Energy and Climate

Yesterday in the ITRE Committee meeting, Mr. Phil Wynn Owen from European Court of Auditors presented their Landscape Review on Energy and Climate, highlighting the disastrous possible consequences of climate change in Europe and calling for effective action on energy as an essential contribution to tackle climate change. The review consists of an overview of the situation in the European Union and summarises recent reports from the European Court of Auditors and the EU Supreme Audit Institutions. The review also identifies the main challenges that the EU is facing with respect to climate change.

According to the review, the majority (79%) of the greenhouse gas emissions in the EU comes from energy production and usage. The report also shows clearly that the 2030 target of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to the 1990 levels) will require an annual emission reduction of 1,5%, which is more than projections of either existing or additional measures will reach.

Another observation is that an increase of 2 °C in the average global temperature will result in drastic changes in the summer temperatures and precipitations in Europe. The projection demonstrates that the summer temperatures in the southern and the most northern parts of Europe will increase up to 3,5 °C for 2071-2100. “This time period is during the lifetime of a baby born today”, noted Mr. Wynn Owen in his speech.

The review further shows that the EU Supreme Audit Institutions have prepared 269 audit reports, focusing mainly on the climate impact of energy, transport, waste and agriculture. Finally, the review presents the main challenges of climate change mitigation, which are proper financing, using research and innovation effectively, and reaching an effective governance system for energy and climate change in order to facilitate and optimise the energy transition.

This review confirms that ambitious targets, measures and policies should be urgently adopted in order to create a successful energy union. As a rapporteur of the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union, I will ensure that planning and reporting in the energy sector trigger the necessary public spending on climate change mitigation and strengthen investor certainty for a faster deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in line with the objective to have a “net zero emission” economy by 2050.

You can find the review here.

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